Identifying a Market
There is a clear need in the medical industry for development in IV Devices considering the types of diseases linked to IV treatment and the high amount of surgeries that require IV treatment for stability. 
In addition to this, the home infusion industry and the global infusion pump market are skyrocketing by the year. 

Identifying the Need to be Mobile
These are examples of how people are addressing the need to be mobile by either strapping a board to the bottom of an IV pole for children to sit on or attaching IV poles to wagons for kids to play with their friends. 
Products should be designed to ADAPT to the USER, not have the user adapt to the product.
We worked with BZDesigns to explore multiple approaches to develop an optimal version of our medical IV delivery device. 
Path to Market
Researched and analyzed the infusion market to best determine how we could best enter the medical space. To our surprise the Emergency Response and Military markets were a much better point of entry than In-Patent and Infusion Centers.

Usability Testing
Worked with BZDesigns to undergo usability testing and research to find pain points and opportunities. 

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